I have been promoting a lot of partisan pro-Trump rhetoric lately. Which is odd, since I am usually fully removed from the political games of our “owners”. After all, I grew up on George Carlin, as did many others of us from gen-x. He made the ugly brutal truth of American Politics very clear.

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This is my layman’s perspective on a topic that I take very seriously and I hope you will give me the courtesy of doing the same.

Civil discourse is the prescription for the resolution of our grievances in these great United States of America. However, there has been a problem in the argumentation practices, usually, but not limited to, involving my fellow laymen which I define as The Collective Scientific Arrogance Fallacy.

The Collective Scientific Arrogance Fallacy - This generally occurs during high-level discussions where the scientific consensus is assumed to be both unanimous and irrefutable. We see it used…

I’m too much of a Longman for youtube’s comments these days so it’s storytime. I’m republishing from Minds to Medium with some editorial changes that help illustrate the points I am making.

There are so many things wrong here that I don’t know where to begin. Civil Discourse is the Founding Fathers’ prescription for resolving our disagreements. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you cannot stop vomiting trivial disparaging ad hominem attacks? This practice does not help your case or win over any potential dissenters. It merely pushes them further away?

You spend more time…

First off, to the video author, thanks for including sources, that is a practice that gives me faith that you are at least attempting to be a genuine pundit and not deliberately misrepresenting Trump’s position.

I also commend you for pushing in-person voting to your base. I agree that it is indeed the best way to vote in this or in any election, period. While I have not voted in person myself due to physical ailments, I can imagine that being inside the official booth is a magnifier for the gravity that your vote represents. …

Let’s tell the heroic tale of the brave little minority girl that climbed her way out of the upper-class to eventually earn the highest office in the land. It’s a tale as old as time and it is sure to inspire young girls for countless years to come.

It’s an open secret as wide as the gap between Joe Biden’s coherent sentences, that the 2020 Biden-Harris Campaign is effectively the 2021 Harris-Biden Administration. The school of thought here is that Biden is only in the race to be the front runner icon for the election because he was the best…

I saw this one recently from a family member, but I didn’t realize it was so pervasive in people's minds until I combed Twitter for some more perspective. Here is a small sampling of a search on “Trump screwed workers”. These results show how entrenched the idea is in the head of average people.

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron’s Breonna Taylor Press Conference:

Important Points of clarity

Because of the nebulous terms on this topic, I want to make my stance clear on my usage of them. Your definitions may differ but this is how they are used in the context of the article. We are welcome to argue against my definitions but don’t misrepresent my points with your personal interpretations. Thanks!

  1. BLM Movement — A broad unorganized array of people all of whom actively call out discriminatory practices. Either online or in-person as a peaceful non-violent demonstration.
  2. BLM Organization — A legal entity co-opted by radicals who…

This story from CNN is today’s example of how everything we consume from “trusted” media sources is painted with a political undertones in one direction or another depending on the outlet. While I commend the individual author for their factual representation of the incident in the context of the article. I can see they make no attempts to sway reader’s opinions in any direction and just reports the facts of the situation. However, I am critical of the editorial decisions that led to the titling of this article and its included video.

The editorial staff at CNN is entirely aware…


Giving the world the Internet has thrown a wrench into the control mechanisms of press, radio, and television. No longer do people flock to these once accepted authoritative information sources decreed by the establishment in control.

Social Media, Youtube, Twitter, and the like were an underestimated mistake. Early into their adoption by the masses they became an unfettered freeway directly between individuals, bypassing establishment authoritative sources and breaking the control apparatus by adding independent thought to the collective discussion.

Dissension ensues and as public acceptance moved away from mainstream sources, the mistake was realized and the establishment has since wrestled…

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Peoples of All Persuasions. I present you Google’s definitive answer to the trending question “Does eliminating the payroll tax defund social security?”

This is a prime example of Zero Rank Results (a.k.a. Default Answers) being used in a bias manner to influence voters to a specific political persuasion. Default answers like this one are curated by Google themselves and given to you before any of your actual search results. The practicing of giving you one “correct” answer to your question sounds amazing on the surface. There are certainly many great uses for a feature like this. Likes…

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