Another Left-leaning Personality Attacks Out-of-Context Strawman Trump — A Layman’s Perspective

First off, to the video author, thanks for including sources, that is a practice that gives me faith that you are at least attempting to be a genuine pundit and not deliberately misrepresenting Trump’s position.

I also commend you for pushing in-person voting to your base. I agree that it is indeed the best way to vote in this or in any election, period. While I have not voted in person myself due to physical ailments, I can imagine that being inside the official booth is a magnifier for the gravity that your vote represents. The entire country is counting on you to honor the intent of the Constitutional Republic and not just advance our own personal agendas.

There is nothing stopping people from going to the polls this year. Even the accepted mainstream medical consensus surrounding COVID-19 is that in-person voting is safe. If you can eat in a restaurant, or get groceries, or any other activity outside your house then you can vote in-person at the polls. Of course, always take the precautions that make you feel safe.

Unfortunately, the rest of this video is short-sighted alarmism using reductive fear-mongering based on your own confirmation bias. Your source is a 53-second clip of a far longer briefing with much more context. He was not the only reporter to ask questions and the previous Q&A are necessary prerequisites for the full context of his answers.

Your source is biased left-leaning (Vox) and has purposefully taken the 53-second clip so that the previous context was lost. Then puts the quote up on another platform (Twitter), so users only see it in a vacuum to push his own left-leaning agenda of demonizing the president. He is, and you are not presenting an honest critical assessment of the evidence from the briefing. You are parroting the talking points of your source instead of contextualizing the actual source media your source used. I’m not putting you down for this, we all fall into this type of bullshit. It’s one of the biggest failures of humanity these days. We cannot better ourselves if we don’t accept that sometimes we make mistakes and can grow from them.

How can you claim one side is corrupt and trying to hijack the election without addressing any of the concerns that the other side is both capable and accused of doing the very same thing? I would argue that the evidence leans harder in the other direction when examined from a top-down perspective. One side (Democratic-run states) has called for and enacted changes to the preexisting rules of our election system and done so within an election year. These haphazard changes overtly weaken the integrity of our election system by injecting a far less secure variant of our existing time tested and approved Absentee Voting method. There are democratically ran states, like California in particular, that have removed Signature Verification from this already security prone Universal Mail-in Voting (UMV). This further widens the already gaping hole in the security and integrity of our election system that was created by the left push for UMV. But then at the same time claim that Trump is the one planning to steal the election because he wants to keep the election system intact as it was and as it has have been for decades. That math does not add up.

Following logical deductive reasoning brings the conclusion that these Democratic-ran states are attempting to disrupt and invalidate normal election results by subverting the election process using an easily co-opted new voting method that releases millions of ballots out into the world to be abused by those that would cheat. If Trump’s goal was to subvert a fair election, then UMV would be the best thing for it and he wouldn’t need to push back against it. So any questionable motives fall into these Democratic States’ collective lap. It’s the Democratic party that is constantly changing the rules to suit their immediate needs. But I don’t want to get into the Supreme Court debacle or their other hypocrisies on this thread.

Trump has been very consistent about which ballots he believes are problematic, those would be the UMV ballots. UMV ballots have been a nightmare in the 2020 elections that Democratic-run states have already had this year. A disaster to the point that elections have been invalidated and are being rerun. The section of the briefing you played leaves all that context out. You then assign dubious intent to Trump based on fear and outrage to a single question asked by one reporter in a briefing that is far longer. This reporter who’s obvious motives for the targeted question screams of being after a juicy sound-bite or quote he can take out of context to knock down Trump and elevate himself. Just like you have done here in this video when you paraphrased Trump’s position and claimed he’s a dictator for it.

“The ballots are out of control and if you just get rid of the ballots there will be a continuation of power.” — “That is what dictators say.”

When watching the entire briefing, which I happened to do yesterday since I cannot trust political punditry to be rational and objective anymore. This being a prime example of that problem. This implies, as you have, that Trump wants to do away with all ballots so there will be a continuation of power due to a stolen election. That is news of the fakest variety by using out-of-context quotes to misrepresent someone else’s position in order to further your confirmation bias that Trump is a dictator and will steal the election. The missing context surrounding your embellished quotes is far less dubious than your implication that Trump is never going to leave and is stealing the election.

I’ll make it clear for you and those that follow, Trump was referencing the UMVV Ballots, not ALL ballots. The continuation of power remark was just his typical braggadocios ego that Biden cannot beat him without the rampant fraud that UMV Ballots have opened the election to. He talks about this ad nauseam in his rallies and every other briefing where the election is concerned. Suggesting that Trump doesn’t want a fair and unbiased election is a disingenuous misrepresentation of the evidence, a strawman, and does not represent the president’s actual position on ballots.

Furthermore, the “We are gonna have to see what happens” quote is misrepresented as dictator-like instead of what it really was. It was merely Trump answering around the soundbite that reporter tried to elicit with his questioning. Why would Trump commit to anything of the sort, when the left establishment is not capitulating anything on their end? The running examples of this UMV system have been nothing but controversial in the states that have tried it and we can expect much the same if it’s allowed for the presidential election. This seemingly endless controversy because the Democratic Party & their candidates won’t surrender the position that “if Trump wins, he stole the election”. Painting President Trump is an evil dictator because he takes the exact same stance in the face of potential rampant fraud is exceptional hypocrisy, to say the least.

Look, I get it, Trump has his faults. He’s abrasive, uncouth, mostly unrepentant, egotistical, brags too much, over hypes everything, and by no means is he politically correct. He’s not the ideal you have in your mind for how a president should comport themselves. I happen to disagree, but I recognize that you prefer the more stereotypical cardboard cut-out of a candidate that establishment politicians usually provide. They smile and tell you the nice things you want to hear versus a real-life person who speaks his mind good or bad. I don’t like everything Trump says nor am I one of his sycophants (ugly word there) who blindly follows. If he does wrong, I will call it wrong. But since the left and the media underestimate him, they keep misrepresenting and marginalizing his positions without giving the proper critical discussion that is needed. This is alienating the left further from the center and driving people to vote for your “dictator” because they are tired of all the lies and overt media manipulation.

You are more than welcome to hate Trump and his positions. But you must recognize that the people on the other side are not evil and duped ignoramuses as there are far too many that see in Trump what this country represents versus Harris-Biden.

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