The Almighty Vaush Poorly Debunks “The Tim Pool Grift” - A Layman’s Perspective.

I’m too much of a Longman for youtube’s comments these days so it’s storytime. I’m republishing from Minds to Medium with some editorial changes that help illustrate the points I am making.

There are so many things wrong here that I don’t know where to begin. Civil Discourse is the Founding Fathers’ prescription for resolving our disagreements. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you cannot stop vomiting trivial disparaging ad hominem attacks? This practice does not help your case or win over any potential dissenters. It merely pushes them further away?

You spend more time raving about idiocy than actually exposing the “Tim Pool Grift” as you’ve claimed it. I came here from the other side of politics eager for some much-needed accurate left-leaning perspective. Then get instantly slammed by this abomination you call discourse. What is the point of this idiocy nonsense anyway? You do realize the difference between ignorance and stupidity, right? Idiots, as you like to call them, are merely people lacking information that you have. An issue easily remedied by simply educating them about it instead of beating them over the head with the “I know better than you” stick. Your ego is borderline deranged. Your hatred is palpable and it’s blinding your objective reasoning.

You have made several unproven and poorly argued assertions in this video. So let me set the record straight on a few things you don’t seem to know about Tim because you’ve had no interest in honestly assessing his content which requires consuming it and not just picking out the marshmallows from your cereal because you don’t want to eat the boring yucky parts.

“I bet you if I went through everything he’s made in the past month on this channel I would not find a single one that doesn’t have some kind of factual error or at the very least an implied statement which can be demonstrably disproven”

— Seeing as his content is a candid opinion of news events done in one take, it stands to reasons some information will be incorrect or have changed outside the moment. This is not being dishonest nor a liar, since in all of his videos he provides all the context he’s using to justify any claims with the information on hand at the time. When you simply skip past the surrounding context because “it’s boring” you are misrepresenting his arguments and impugning your own integrity as a fair and objective observer.

You can absolutely dislike and call him out for clickbait thumbnails and titles you find misleading or unrepresentative of the video content. However, you can’t do that without consuming the video in question first. Or partially consuming it until you find a point that meets your confirmation bias. Otherwise, you are just being prejudice rather than objective.

You cannot cherry-pick two videos, then take small clips out of specific portions and use those out of context clips to invalidate all the other videos on the channel. You missed critical context that backs up his thumbnails and titles because, again, you merely had the goal of knocking him down and not proving your arguments. “

You are Tim Pool you’ve covered the occupy wallstreet protests you’ve never been very politically leaning but since then you’ve gone far far far right. “

— You’ve condemned him as a far-right liar pretending to be a disaffected liberal. However, you have not demonstrated how any of his positions are far-right at all. Just saying a thing doesn’t make it so, you have to prove it, but you know that already don’t you. You just didn’t want to put in the work. How awfully “lazy” of you.

“Tim Poole’s channel is… there is no relationship between the titles he puts in his videos and the content of those videos, he just gets four or five or six articles and tweets together and he just does them in a row and he just reads them out loud and talks about them”

— Another stated unproven claim resulting from the lack of consumption of the content you are criticizing. It’s also entirely false. I would consider myself an authority over you on this one as I’ve consumed most of his videos over the past few months. I’ve yet to see a video that has not addressed the information in the thumbnail or title. While I have not done an explicit breakdown of them, I can offer that I go routinely go back searching for them to rewatch certain segments. If the information wasn’t in the title, I wouldn’t be able to find them.

“He lies about being a journalist too. Tim journalist go out there and they cover the news. You cover, other peoples coverage of the news. You’re a commentator, you’re not a fucking journalist. “

“Its not 2010 anymore”

— This is just so petty, and knit-picking. A zinger to assert your superiority over him because he doesn’t meet your own personally defined definition of a term.

You really got him there champ!

“Tim Pool is the most successful iteration of my model “

— Not sure if this is just a contradiction or complete hypocrisy. Either way, you are dripping with jealousy and I can’t help but consider that you may be attempting to gain some sort of momentum by attacking Tim. Your base in your chat seems to be sycophantically parroting your opinions back to you, but I guess that’s okay if they are on your side of the spectrum and accept your views on politics. How about you condemn your own sycophants before you point that gun at others?

I really like the part where you criticize Tim as drawing conclusions from a single poll graphic, without listening to the rest of the video because you “got him” and then asserted your superiority ignoring that you start off your criticisms in this video using a single Poll infographic from one source.

There is more, but I think I’ve made my point. I want to hear more of your criticisms, but dear lord, you need to do better with the attitude. Stop pandering your outrage to your base and asserting your intellectual superiority over those that disagree with you politically or get a fact point wrong. Maybe you can bring something worthwhile discussion to the table of Civil Discourse and stop this partisan bullshit you are peddling.

Here’s an idea. How about you go on Tim’s live stream? You know the one that you said he doesn’t do anymore because Adam left so it’s just him alone with a camera despite Lydia always being there and there being only a few days where they’ve had no guests at all so it was the two of them. I’m confident he’d welcome the opportunity to have you as opposing views make for much more interesting conversations. You’ll want to get that rage under control first though, nobody like an intellectual bully.

I share Tim’s content because I happen to agree with Tim on a lot of points. That doesn’t make me a sycophant. I’d love to be able to do the same with your content, but it’s so full of your vile intellectual superiority complex I cannot stomach it long enough to pull the objective points you are making out it. How about you focus less on how stupid people are for not knowing something and more on the arguments that educate them to change their minds? I‘m sure your base has grown up expecting the outrageous personal attacks, but creating a base purely off outrage culture is not a stable foundation for the future or the types of people you should pander to.

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