The price of censorship is freewill.

Giving the world the Internet has thrown a wrench into the control mechanisms of press, radio, and television. No longer do people flock to these once accepted authoritative information sources decreed by the establishment in control.

Social Media, Youtube, Twitter, and the like were an underestimated mistake. Early into their adoption by the masses they became an unfettered freeway directly between individuals, bypassing establishment authoritative sources and breaking the control apparatus by adding independent thought to the collective discussion.

Dissension ensues and as public acceptance moved away from mainstream sources, the mistake was realized and the establishment has since wrestled control over these new information authorities and has since adapted them back into the control mechanism by means of censorship and invasive disruption of “unacceptable” thoughts or ideas.

We should never give up our freedom of speech as censorship is the heavy hand of the Hegelian Dialectic establishment’s control apparatus to crush an individuals unalienable rights to free thought, free will, and open discourse among wider circles of people. When you shutdown the voices of those that dissent instead of conversing with them, you have become the oppressor and a “useful idiot” to the continued control of humanity by the establishment.

🇺🇸 Father, Husband, Cyborg, Paladin, Contrarian, Tech Writer, Tech Support, IT Pro (@cpguy) #JoinMeOnMinds ::

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